Thursday, June 26, 2014

How To Maximize Learning?

Studying for your school subjects may require a lot of time from you. You need to read books or materials that are lengthy which can consume a lot of time on your part. What if you only have a little time on your hand to study a new language, or to learn mathematical formula or to memorize a poem or to understand an essay, etc?  This is where these useful tips will help you.

1. Know how much time you have.  If you only have 24 hours left to study a particular matter, create a workable schedule for reading, memorizing etc.

2.  Prepare everything before you start studying. Don't lose a precious 10 minutes looking for your notebook or for your pen or for your calculator. Prepare everything.

3. Try skim reading. If the material is too long, you can skim read. This is that thing you often do when you are facing your computer and reading some articles only. Let your eyes glide through the words and phrases picking up only the important points. This works pretty well for easy to learn materials. This also gives you a glimpse of the whole material without reading word for word.

4. Do a 20 minutes study session. What is this? Break your 1 hour to 20 minutes study periods with specific targets. Let us say you target to read 30 pages in 20 minutes time.  Then do another 30 pages in the next 20 minutes and so on. Remember that the brain is so powerful. Push it to its limits.  Focus, focus, focus!

5. Use symbols , colors, shapes, to highlight important phrases, sentences in the material you are reading.  You can go back to these later on during your second reading but only focusing on them and not on the materials you have not highlighted or marked. You have little time left so trying to digest only the most important stuff will ensure you are learning in quality.

In all of these tips, you must have the focus, determination, and the will to accomplish what you want to finish at the end of the time you have allocated for studying. Be responsible, be committed, be focused and do not waste any time learning. 

That's it. 

Be smart!


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