Thursday, April 21, 2011

Improve Your Concentration

 How to improve your concentration when studying? A lot of students have problem with concentrating. This is very detrimental to studying. However there are very easy simple ways to improve one's concentration. Take a look at our list below.

1. Pick the right place. Try to study in an isolated, quite peaceful, distraction free place. You can create your own study place if you like. Use divisions in your room. You can even surround your study area with cloth to serve as enclosures where you see nothing but your walls and your notes/books. 

2. Stick to the study schedule. Make a schedule and stick to it. Follow your schedule religiously.

3. Have a full stomach before studying (not too full otherwise you'd feel sleepy). Hunger can disrupt you from fully absorbing your lessons. So eat well. And do have a glass of water or two right beside you as you study.

4. Break large tasks to series of smaller tasks. Choose smaller tasks that you are sure you can complete according to your study schedule.

5. Have everything you need from pens, pencils, rulers, markers, notes, books right on your study table for easy reference.


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