Monday, February 7, 2011

Study When You Feel Like Studying

The brain is a very powerful organ of the body. You mustn't underestimate its power! When a person studies, the brain is forced to work. It is forced to process information, absorb information and digest them. Hence, one important tip for every student is to study when you feel like studying. Study when your brain feels the urge to get more information. Study when your brain craves for more! Study! Study! Study! Feed your brain! Why? It is at this instance that the brain is functioning smoothly, efficiently and you wouldn't want to move away from that path and stop the momentum.  Of course remember to rest when you are tired. But unless tiredness has kicked in, keep that momentum going!

Your body will give you signs when it's time to stop and rest such as:

1. Lost focus/distraction.
2. Inability to comprehend/ memorize as quickly as the first 30 minutes of the study session.

So yes study when the urge study is still there!


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