Thursday, December 2, 2010

Useful Tips for College Students

Going to College can be very tough for many. Intellectually, college life can be very draining. Hence, without the right preparation in High School, expect a bumpy college life. But this is not without remedy. Here are some useful study tips for college students:
  1. Create a plan and stick to it. Track all projects, deadlines, exams and other activities related to school. 
  2. Manage your time. Learn when to study, when to go out and have fun and when to rest.  Time may not be sufficient at times during your college days.
  3. Attend classes regularly.
  4. Take notes during classes. One often forgets minor details after class. Taking down notes is the best way to keep information at hand.
  5. Review your lessons everynight.
  6. Be innovative. Use flashcards to test yourself the fun way.
  7. Compare notes with fellow classmates so you can fill in those information you've missed.
  8. Don't hesitate to ask questions in class when you are confused about a particular point.
  9. Have enough rest prior to an examination.
  10. Come to examinations well prepared.

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