Thursday, December 16, 2010

Memorization Techniques

Studying is not always easy. There are times when one is confronted with multitudinous materials to memorize.  Learning is indeed a taxing process. But this should not hinder any learner from acquiring knowledge and performing well in school. Besides, there are now known ways to improve one's memory. Here are some of these techniques:

1. Use acronyms. Combine letters to form words. Words may be real words or you can use made up words. Each of the letters represent something. So you only remember the Acronym which will trigger your brain to get the terms each letter represent.

2. Use acrostic. This is quite similar to acronyms only you form a sentence. The first letter of the word in a sentence represents an idea or concept.  You can create any kind of sentence. It doesn't have to contain relevant ideas to the subject matter you are memorizing. What is important is it represents what you are trying to remember.

3. Use the locale method. When studying at home, place a bit of information on specific areas you routinely visit at home. Say you place the definition of "Arithmetic" on the refrigerator's door, or place a certain mathematical formula near your bed. So when you wake up or go to sleep this is the first and last thing you will see. This will help you memorize.

4. Carry notes with you. Not a whole notebook of course. Just a piece of paper where you place one important lesson that you want to memorize. You can place it in your wallet and read it once every 1 hour. You can do this passively, but you will be amazed with the results.

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