Saturday, November 13, 2010

Education is very important more so today than before. It's role in alleviating poverty and improving people's lives cannot be undermined. Education must be made available to everyone as it is an inherent right as well as the moral obligation of the State to it's inhabitants, Ideally this should be the case. Educate all people. Send children to school regardless of their sex, color, race, religion or status in life. Education is a basic right.

Reality however shows otherwise. Education is not enjoyed by all. Poverty remains a major hindrance as the family would rather send their members to work than to school to earn a living for day to day survival! The State cannot also provide even for the basic education of many of it's citizens due to lack of public funds. Moreover some countries place Education at a much lower priority when it comes to approximating budgets.

While the value of Education is certainly of no question, reality bites. Education is still an elusive vision for many and a far fetch dream of the State to fully give to the whole of it's citizenry.


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