Monday, March 1, 2010

Three Important Reading Styles

 Part of the process of learning is reading. There are three important reading styles that every student must master and use to enhance the learning process. These three reading styles when mastered will make one a flexible, efficient reader and learner at the same time.

1.Study Reading Style. This style requires reading at slower pace than the normal reading rate. This style is often resorted to when reading difficult or hard to understand materials.

2. Skimming Reading Style. This style requires reading at a much faster speed than normal. The purpose is to acquire general idea of the reading material. This style picks up only the main idea of a paragraph or chapter.

3.  Scanning Reading Style. This style requires reading at an even faster speed. The purpose is to quickly locate a particular information in the reading material. One must move his eyes quickly, skipping irrelevant words, and searching only for a particular information as fast as possible.

Hence, before engaging in a reading session, every student or learner must identity the purpose to which he is reading and choose the appropriate reading style.


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